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I can’t make up my mind!

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On costuming that is!  Originally I decided that I was going to make a new upperclass ensemble for myself, my husband, and the baby.  At first I was torn between Italian or a Spanish Ropa/Elizabethan Comfort gown for me. I even have the fabric already!!!  Then I decided, that it may be too much to do, and since we will only be going to ren fair once that it does not make sense to create something new.  So instead I was going to stick with a fancy pirate theme.  I have this amazing full tiered offwhite circle skirt, and a red skirt to hike up on top of that. I was then going to purchase a bodice from Damsel in this Dress…the Vixen corset (shown below)


Isn’t it lovely?  I just love the way she designs her corsets. But yes, that is the style of corset I will be purchasing, it will be a gift to myself after the baby is born.  She has this gorgeous Maroon and Ivory floral chenille that I am going to pick for the corset.  On top of that I was going to make a nifty, super fancy pirate hat, some awesome jewelry (it’s all about the accessories) and a cute bag.

I figure that it is awesome enough for me to be comfortable, but at the same time, pretty enough to still be gorgeous.

And…to top it off, I have a PRAM! Yes-my two friends saw a pram at our Farmer Market and snagged it for me for a baby shower. It’s a maroon leather looking pram that is in pristine condition.  I am going to pimp it out a bit. Color the piping from white to gold, and make the cushion cover gold and maroon, and then the interior is probably going to be gold or maroon. My husband needs to oil up the parts and if possible spraypaint the metal parts to black (I don’t really want them looking silver)

I am also trying to find vinyl pirate ship decals that are removable so that I can put on the side of the pram and on the cover. I want to remove them, because the pram will be used for Steampunk next year also.

In addition to all of that, I have to complete the doublet for a friend, and get NEW fabric so my husband and I can match this year with color.  So I will keep you updated pretty soon with pictures!



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I am a 25 year old nerdy, soon to be mama and craft fanatic. I sew, make and decorate cakes, scrapbook, photography, and anything creative. I love Dr. Who and Dirty Jobs, along with Law and Order and Family Guy. I have an obsession with the Bichon Frise, Johnny Depp, and Prince. I am the most random person you have probably ever met, hugely open minded. I am me, always going to be me, and love it!

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