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Of bags and women

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I have been on a roll lately.  I just only hope that this energy lasts up until and way past my due date!  Today I managed to get a pair of pirate pants done for my husband.  They are not as poofy as I would like, but I am using fabric from my stash (I promised myself I would not buy ANY new fabric unless absolutely necessary).  I basically used this dark navy velvet fabric which used to be a gown I had from back in 2006 I believe. This was the days when I threw things together in an attempt to look good.  He’s not home yet (correction…he JUST walked in the door)  for pictures.  But I will get pictures of him in the pants soon.

After that I STILL had energy, and decided to make a bag for myself since this year I will be carrying more around. My pouch from Morseca is still reliable, but doesn’t have enough space.  I basically free handed the pattern while cutting it! YAY for intuition and stuff!



And here are the booties that I made for the wee one



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I am a 25 year old nerdy, soon to be mama and craft fanatic. I sew, make and decorate cakes, scrapbook, photography, and anything creative. I love Dr. Who and Dirty Jobs, along with Law and Order and Family Guy. I have an obsession with the Bichon Frise, Johnny Depp, and Prince. I am the most random person you have probably ever met, hugely open minded. I am me, always going to be me, and love it!

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