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Opening Day at the PA Ren Faire

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The night before faire, was as always, a mad rush to complete garb.  My husband needed grommets on the sides of his doublet (which turns out he DIDN’T because he lost so much weight that the doublet is a bit big), and he needed clasps for the front. We went to go get some clasps, and there were no clasps.  Thankfully my friend Shasta (who is came to the rescue, along with her awesome mother and helped me out. So Friday night, till about 1am, we were all in her house sewing and such.

So here is my husbands garb:


And here is my outfit.  The overgown was made by Shasta who wore hers last year before her baby was born. And it still baffles me how it actually fits me. I swear, head on over to her dress blog, and see the dress on her. Then be in awe that the dress fits on me.  We are two different heights, and vastly different in size. But damnit, that gown fit perfectly!  I am very proud of my chemise and hat 🙂


Now…it RAINED about two hours after we got there.  It was a freaking downpour. And the faire was closed.  Which made me sad, and we had to head home. But at least we got pictures


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