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More Booties

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If you have been following my blog, you know how I hate hand stitching.  It’s not really hate, but I just don’t do it, nor do I like it. I am too impatient to handstitch. Well yesterday I promised myself to take a day off of sewing and just relax around the house, and that went well until midnight, when I became bored.  My husband was home from work playing on the computer, the tv was on and I needed something to do.  So I decided to make a new pair of booties to match Charlotte’s green velvet dress for faire (even though she is still nice and warm in my tummy).  Here is the dress in case you missed it…

The booties were so simple to make and guess what?  I hand stitched them!  I don’t remember how long it took. From cutting to finish, I think it was about 5-6 music videos plus commercials. So in the span of an hour.  I am so very pleased with these.  At this rate, she will have booties to match every single outfit that she has.

Here is the super easy pattern/tutorial that I used for them :

For mine, I did not line them, so it does not have the contrasting fabric around the top.  And I am going to wait until she is born to see if the shoe is too loose. If it is, I will sew a little tie on ribbon instead of elastic for her.  Now since the pattern file is a .pdf you can scale the image to print. I believe when it comes up (at least for my printer) it was at 130%, I scaled it back to 75% based on newborn foot sizes, hopefully it works for her!  So without further ado…here are her booties!


Now with all this done, I can now give the run down of the completed projects.

My husband
1)Double is nearly done.  I need to place and set the grommets, and add the clasps to the front.  It is up to him if he wants decorative trim, but he is not a real decorative guy, so it all depends.
2) I made him pants out of a light green linen a few days ago. Originally they were practice pants. But the light green actually works pretty well with the hunter green, so he will be wearing those to faire.
3)I was going to make him a new shirt in black.  But I like the white and green contrast, so i think I am going to stick with that.

The Baby Charlotte
1) Her dress and chemise are completely done.
2)Her booties are done
3)I need to make her some kind of head gear.  Either a little muffin cap or bonnet.  Either way, both are super adorable.

1)The only COMPLETE thing I have done is my hat and fabric snood!
2)I am going to eventually purchase white cotton (even if it is a bed sheet-yay for resourcefulness!) to make my partlet blouse plus neck and wrist ruffs
3)I intend to wait until AFTER the birth to start working on my gown.  It is going to be a simple gown, not full noble, but more of upper class merchant. Bodice and skirt.  Still undecided if I want the skirt to be open in the front to show contrasting gold fabric or keep it completely closed. Surprisingly keeping it completely closed is much simpler.  For the trim around the neckline of the bodice I intend to find and buy flat pearl buttons surrounded by rhinestones and sew those along the neckline.  I will be keeping it very, VERY simple.

So wish my luck, and HAPPY SEWING!!!


Sewing Tizzy!

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I have been in a sewing tizzy. Which I am grateful for, as I was beginning to wonder where I would get energy for.  Originally our plans for this years faire garb were to go as pirates, but I just can’t be satisfied with that. I love going as upper class/nobility. So what did I do? I started working on all new matching garb for the family.  I have this great hunter green velvet fabric that I purchased from a friend and it has been a godsend.  I am so proud to say that so far, all of my projects have been done with materials that I already have on hand!

First up, is Charlotte’s new ren faire dress 🙂

Squee! I love baby clothes. So little and cute and easy to make.

Next up is my husbands new doublet.  Same hunter green fabric, and all made with the fabric I have on hand.  It is not completely finished as I have to go get the clasps for the front closures, AND grommet the sides.  I need him to put it on so I can mark the grommets. But my husband has a seriously weird body, hence the grommets on the side.  I love the way it turned out.  I had to draft the pattern based off of last years doublet since I could not find the pattern ANYWHERE! But it looks good to me!

Now, my gown I have not started yet, as I do not know what my measurements will be after the baby is born.  But more than likely, I will be making the skirt ahead of time, as I can always adjust the waist band.  I can also start on the sleeves which will be italian inspired. Yes I know, italian inspired sleeves on a tudor gown? Weird. And I do need to go out and purchase some cotton fabric to make my partlet blouse.

I am now about to start on my hat, which I have been very excited to work on. So more pictures to come soon! Happy sewing!

Labor Day Weekend & Rendezvous 2009 at MDRF

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Holy crap! That was a great weekend, perhaps the BEST weekend at Ren Fair I have EVER attended.  If I sound overly excited, it is because I was! I had an absolutely AMAZING time!!!  First was because it was Labor Day Weekend, and I have never been to the MDRF for Labor Day-and I happened to have met the Clan M’Crack-they are great people.  Secondly it was the big Rendezvous 2009-like the holy mecca for all rennies! lol.

So here are some pictures of my garb, my friends, and other things:








So yes, it was a very great time. Met lots of great people and had fun. I made all the garb that I wore. The red and black panel skirt was from 2 years ago. The purple circle skirt I completed the day before fair. My black corset was thrown together quickly, but I can secure it even more.

Now although I will not be going to another Ren fair for another month, my sewing urge is itching! lol. I told myself I was going to rest, and not sew at all. But I am already itching to make a new gown for October 4 and closing weekend. I know that I will have a lot of garb! I already did the green gown for opening weekend, but like I told my husband: each time I sew, I learn more and get better. And after I attend ren fairs I look at gowns and see new techniques and such, and I am drawn to it and can’t help myself! I have this fabric gorgeous light blue with a goldish tint jacquard type fabric, that I am SURE it is dying to be used as a gown 🙂  I even have the material for the underskirt/kirtle 🙂

We will see. I am supposed to go to JoAnns today with Dave today 🙂  So that as always is fun.  I need to learn some new techniques on gown making-I am not sure how to make the bodice of the gown stiff?
Happy Sewing

Almost there

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progress is coming along

here is my awesome corset that i am so proud of. it is not laced yet, but when we put it on me, and had Megan pull it back, it looked good. i had an awesome figure!!!!

inside of corset, pinned and on the floor

inside of corset, pinned and on the floor

Megan holding the corset out for all to see

Megan holding the corset out for all to see

And here is my awesome necklace that my other friend Meghan made for me to wear to the faire!

my awesome handmade necklace made for me!

my awesome handmade necklace made for me!

So Megan is coming over today, again. Our goal is to have everything done by Thursday night, so we can relax on Friday.  For my gown I have left:

  1. Add lace to bottom of gown
  2. Cut and sew sleeves
  3. Make pouches
  4. Still debating on doing a French hood

Then I have to cut and sew the pants and doublet for my husband, and add the trim to the doublet.  And I should be finished.  So since Megan will not be here till about 8, let me get showered and get started now!

Time to Bone! (Not that way!!! Lol)

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So, I have finished sewing the channels into my corset to wear under my gown. I feel accomplished! That was a lot of freaking sewing. 34 channels all around it! Today my plan is to put the boning in, and finish it off.

I have not been feeling well lately. I just started a new medication to regulate my insulin, and unfortunately the side effect is: crazy stomach from the bowels of hell!!! I have been constantly dizzy and nauseous.

But in other news, if I eventually have enough money, then I am going to buy from here: They have amazing stuff!!! Her (Michelle-the owner) work is amazing, and I one day soon hope to make elaborate bodices/corsets as beautiful as hers

So here is my favorite piece: pirate08tpirate02t

All of her stuff is amazing, and high quality. You can check out her picture gallery to see how her items enhance the curves and makes anyone look goooood.

Well that is it for now, I am going to work on my corset, then possibly the hemming of my dress. Tomorrow my best friend Megan is coming over for another sewing date 🙂

Happy Sewing

Too much bum?

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For my bum roll? I have not tried on the gown in progress yet, but I do think that my bum roll is quite large in the bum department! lol. We shall see. My friend Megan is coming over tonight for a sewing date, and so is Allybutts (Alley) and Kayla.


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I finally did it!  I sewed my overskirt to my bodice 🙂  And I did the pleating and I am pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.  So here are pictures:



So it doesn’t look like much because 1: I don’t have a dress dummy to display it on and 2: it does not have the hoop skirt under it, but it makes me happy 🙂

So to finish I have to sew the hem, and then sew the edges where the opening splits, and apply the trim.  After that I can work on the detachable sleeves! Yay for progress!