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Elizabethan Loose Gown

5/11/11-So I buckled. That’s right, I buckled and purchased the Comfort Patterns by Margo Anderson.  If I said it once, I will say it again. I dislike using patterns, they never seem to work out for me.  I pretty much only read patterns to figure out how much fabric I would need and the basic shapes, but I rarely use them to cut my pieces out and such.  The only time I do use patterns is for my husbands doublets!

This year, I am going to be making an Elizabethan Loose Gown.  I figure that I have been sewing for 6 years now, as long as I have been going to the ren fair, it’s about time I do garb from a pattern!  It is a big step off from what I usually do, Tudor-esque gowns, corsets, pirates, etc.  But see, since my baby is due in August, I need something loose and comfortable that gives me the option to breastfeed.  And I still would like to have an upperclass gown, because I admit it, I love the attention!

I have the fabric for the main gown picked out, the kirtle fabric picked out, and the fabric for the front panel of the kirtle picked out. This is all fabric I had on hand, which makes me estactic!  The only real thing I need to purchase is trim and buttons.

Now we wait for the pattern to come in, and we will go from there!

Ah, I also need to figure out what to do for head wear.

And to tie it all together, we are trying not to bring a stroller to the ren fair, I know…it sounds crazy, but they seem so bulky and such.  We need to construct something that looks like a little carriage for the baby, with durable wheels, that looks very ren fair like.  That’s a whole different project within itself.


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  1. Okay,
    Where are baby pictures? You all know I am old and I live vicariously from you all having babies! My baby is GULP 13 now and will not let me hold him anymore :oP so what are you up to for this year? I will be in PA in April and I am heading to Pennsic this year (2012). I would adore getting to meet you and Shasta in person!



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