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Steampunk Worlds Fair 2011

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There is nothing more than I can say other than it was amazing. I had a great time, especially seeing people that I haven’t seen (except on Facebook) from last year.  Besides a few mishaps concerning vendors, the fire marshal and the restaurant, it was great.

Initially, when I packed, I tried to go with comfortable clothing, nothing too flashy. But once I arrived there, I felt severely under dressed, and needed to rectify that…immediately.  So the second day I purchased a long skirt plus an amazing jacket with tails, a top hat and a few other items, and rocked it for that whole date!

Now that this event is over, I can focus all of my extra energy into this years ren fair outfits!  I know that this will take some good timing and patience!

I have my Margo Anderson-Elizabethan Comfort Pattern that I want to make for myself.  As a secondary, I want to make (or possibly purchase) and underbust bodice and short sleeved chemise to throw together a quick pirate/wench ensemble paired with the skirt pictured above.

For my husband, I have to finish his doublet, make or purchase a new shirt (we already have the fabric for it), and he needs a new pair of tights.

The baby needs a little chemise and overdress to match mine!

And I have to complete a doublet for a friend of mine!


The Baby Bump

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Well, I have quite a few events coming up.  16 more days and it is time for Steampunk Worlds Fair! Have I made anything? No. I can’t really do corsets because hey, I am 25 weeks pregnant.  But I do have some very nice skirts and tops which should be suitable.  I am going for comfort rather than style.

After that, it’s Ren Fair. And boy oh boy I am confused as to what to do. We won’t really be going as often since we will have a baby in tow, but I still want a pretty outfit. I have my two pirate skirts from last year. I definitely want to make an underbust bodice and chemise.  For my noble garb, I want to make an Italian gown. We will see how that goes.

But today, I was bored and decided to make a dress!

That’s me, in my pregnant glory. The dress is basically a skirt from scratch, an old shirt that definitely was not fitting over my stomach, and a belt from scratch. sew the skirt to the top, and bam! Instant maternity dress. Took literally 30 minutes, and that’s because I had to make the rosettes that are on my belt.

Trying to get the mojo up!

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Happy New Year! I know I am kind of late. Things have been crazy. I lost my sewing mojo for a while, but I have a reason…I’m having a baby!!!  We found out on 1/9, when I went to the ER after feeling like absolute crap for 10 days. We had no idea what was going on.  We assumed it was gastric bypass complications. But we got to the hospital, and while there we found out I was pregnant. So i am currently 4 months pregnant and due in early August.  We are so excited.

So with new baby coming, I have been going into nesting mode, wanting to clean everything.  And being that Steampunk fair and Ren Fair are coming up and such, I need to make a few new items.  Even though the baby is going to be born right before ren fair, when we finally do make it to ren fair, I know I will not want to be tied up in a tight corset, and gown and all that. So this year I am going to go with an Italian/German type gown, with a few adjustments that make nursing a bit easy.

Now here are the DEFINITE projects that I need to finish before working on my new stuff:

  • My husbands doublet!  It is actually cut and pinned since…LAST REN FAIRE!  I just never got around to finish sewing it.  It is going to be so nice. Its a lovely blue/purple iridescent tafetta, he loves it.
  • Dave’s doublet!  A friend purchased fabric for me to make his doublet, LAST YEAR, and I just never got around to it. So I definitely need to finish it


Now for Steampunk fair, which I am so looking forward to, I made a GORGEOUS outfit, but unfortunately I may not be able to wear it. I will be about 28 weeks pregnant at the SPWF, so most likely this outfit is not going to work. Plus, even then, I will not want to be in tight corsets and whatnot, so I am going with comfort rather than style.  I figured a nice khaki wrap dress for one outfit, and possibly a “newspaper boy” outfit. Some cute pants, a vest, cute shirt. we will see. But I am excited for one of my more creative outfits though! I’m not going to give away details, but it involves a porthole, LED lights, an awesome strap system and a couple of other goodies.


So on to ren fair!

We may be going to the VARF in May.  It’s a week after Steampunk Worlds Fair, so we may have to see how things go.  It will be a M’Crack Family gathering, and since I will most likely miss the one at MDRF on Labor Day since baby will still be “new” lol, I want to go to this one. So…Italian gowns!  Here is one I like

It is from Well Dressed Lady, I admit, she makes some pretty nifty things. Now i’ve been torn between buying the gown or making my own.  I figure that I could freehand most of it without using a pattern. Since I hate using patterns.  I could start with a V-neck or a square neck bodice,  have it hit right below my bust. Then have the split front attached skirt (room for the belly).  I will somehow make one side detachable at the shoulder so if I need to nurse (depending if we take baby to ren fair) then it will be easy.

Ever since my pink nobles gown last year, I have been hooked on it, and the only other ensemble that I love is pirate costumes. But of course most pirate costumes require a tight corset/bodice to push the “assets” up! lol.

This seems like a great resource. I may have to dive a bit more into it., and I just found a link that shows how to construct a bodice, this is pretty cool too

It’s going to be a back closure gown, made out of the blue and gold jacquard fabric that I have had for two years, but have yet to make anything from it. I have 6 yards of it, so it should be enough for the bodice, the skirt, and the sleeves. If it comes down to it, the sleeves can be made out of the same fabric as my foreskirt.  I do need to search for trim though, something bold that stands out from the fabric.    Forgive the lack of quality of the picture, my camera phone sucks, and it’s not the best lighting.

And besides I can’t start working on it right away. I have to wait till closer till ren fair to measure my bust and my underbust line, lol.  I would hate to start working on it, and it be too small.

Well thats about it!  Once I clean up my sewing area, i’ll get ready!

Maryland Renaissance Fair Opening Day 8-28-2010

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So the Renaissance Fair was amazing!  I had such a good time. The weather was almost perfect, so wearing my nobles gown wasn’t too horrible.  The only thing I have to adjust is the hem at the bottom since I kept stepping on it while walking, but other than that, it is lovely.  I received many compliments and was stopped for pictures (which I love).  Here are a few pictures!




Now next week is the Labor Day invasion at the Maryland Renaissance Fair, and we are going to be there.  I have to finish my husbands 2nd doublet, and a new shirt.  As for myself, I have two bodices I need to grommet.  Now, the crazy thing is, I want to make a new gown!!! Who’s the crazy lady? Me! lol.  I have this fabric that I purchased at the same time I got the pink fabric.  It is a gorgeous blue and gold damask print fabric, and is certainly begging to be made!

We will see. I am trying to determine if I can knock this dress out in a week….

The cursed Gown!

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Well opening day for the Maryland Renaissance is just 2 days away, and I am very excited.  I’ve been busy with working on my gown (which has given me soooo much trouble), and my husbands new garb.  And I can finally show it off.  As of yet, I do not have any pictures of me wearing my garb, as I am waiting for opening day.
So first, let me start with my cursed gown.  I started working on this gown way back last year.  I think it was about August of 2009.  I wanted to create a gown for closing day, and I wanted it to be a REAL gown, not my randomly put together gowns of the past.  Now at the time, I was a size 24/26.  I started working on the bodice, and the pleating for the skirt, but never put the two together, because in the end, I didn’t have the time to finish it. This is what the gown looked like about 5 weeks ago.

Now, here is where it gets “cursed”.  When I first started making the gown, I made it at my size, of 24/26.  I also decided AFTER I started making the gown, that I was going to have gastric bypass. And in December of 2009 I went in for surgery. Since then I lost 100 lbs, and am now a size 18.  Now for this ren fair season, I wanted to wear my gown, but first I had to finish it.  I started working on it again, taking in the sides of the bodice to fit me.  This was about 5 weeks ago.  When I tried it on about a week ago, it was too big!  I hadn’t expected to drop more weight in that short time span. Needless to say, I had to adjust the bodice again, and this was AFTER I attached the skirt to the bodice :(.  So once again, I adjusted the bodice, and everything fits, as of now!  I don’t even have to wear a corset underneath, because of the way I constructed it.  I am hoping that it will be able to last me the entire ren fair season without getting too big.  Anywho, here is how my gown looks now, completed:



and here is my hood that I made-lots of tedious beading and burnt fingers


And I also worked on new garb for my husband. Since he was the one that introduced me to the Renaissance Fair, and sparked my obsession, I figured I would finally make something for him. The only condition was, was that he had to cut out the patterns-which he did! So up first was his black and silver doublet. I tried to make tights, they ended up being too small, so I made him black velvet pantaloons


Now, for him. I have 2 new shirts that I need to make. But he did not cut the pattern yet, so no shirts! lol.  And his other doublet, is already cut out, the major pieces sewed. I just need to add the peplum tabs and shoulder flanges.

For myself, I need to add the grommets to my other two bodices, and that is pretty much it. I will work on that next week, since we are going to be at the MDRF all weekend long for Labor Day Weekend/ M’Crack Family gathering (hopefully I get pinned!), and I need a variety of outfits.  I might just make one more chemise, but not entirely sure yet.

I’m still debating if I even want to make a new gown, for closing weekend.  I have this fabric that I absolutely LOVE, I got it the same time I got the pink fabric for my gown, and I have yet to use it. It is begging to be made into something gorgeous. I will have to see.

Well that is it for next time. The next entry will have pictures from the ren fair, so stick around!

The Gown

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So in a fit of restlessness this evening, my pink nobles gown kept calling to me.  And unfortunately, I could no resist, so I started working on her.  I took in the sides of the bodice a bit since it was too large. It fits perfect now.  I hemmed the bottom of the skirt, and then sewed the bodice to the skirt. I made some major headway on this!  I need to add trim, hem the skirt opening, and then make the underskirt.  Here is what it looks like right now:

My gown, back from the dead!

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So last year, I started working on my pretty pink gown. Since I have lost a lot of weight, I was afraid that I would not be able to fit it, because I had already made some major headway on it.  Well I got it out of my stash, put it on my dressform, and decided that she will be resurrected!  I am probably not going to work on it right now, since I have a lot of other projects. But I hope to get her done by October, since it will be a bit cooler. But knowing me, and my randomness, I may even work on her today!  This is what she looks like, remember she is not perfect yet, so hang in there:

She is a pretty pale pink, with a cream diamond pattern.  The green underskirt is just fabric that I had grabbed, but I might go with a cream underskirt. We will see!