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First piece of garb of the season!

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Wow.  I must say that being pregnant really does take ALL of my energy out of me. Between the sleeping, nesting, doctor appointments, photographing weddings (which I am on maternity leave now) and other things, my love for sewing has been gone.  But today, I finally had the urge to sew and set to it!  So what was my first piece?  Renlet garb for my little baby girl Charlotte.

I made her a simple, simple, simple chemise.  It doesn’t even have sleeves, and it ties on each shoulder.  I also made her a little split-front over dress that laces up in the back.  It is not complete yet, but it will be. I have to bind the armholes, punch the grommets for the lacing and that’s it!  I have the fabric for her matching booties cut out, but I have yet to get to them.

So here are some shots of the tiny ones garb!



Getting close!

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First, let me say happy 4th of July!  The weather right now is absolutely perfect. So perfect in fact, we don’t even have the air conditioner on.  I have 2 bbq’s to go to, but first I need to stop by the scene of an car accident my grandfather was in to get pictures. Not quite sure how that will work out considering there is TRAFFIC! But hey, my mother requested it, so it will be done.
Moving on, we are T-55 days until Opening Day at the Maryland Renaissance Fair. I am quite excited, as I have been craving for a faire fix lately. And to bide my time, I have been reading books by this great author, Philippa Gregory, who writes fiction in regards to the Tudor family and interesting tales from the 15th-20th centuries. The stories are amazing! I definitely recommend them.  The book I am currently reading is “The Virgins Lover”, which is about Queen Elizabeth and her encounters with her dashing men at court, especially Sir Robert Dudley.  It is quite a book.

So you would think that even with gaining inspiration from reading that I will have finished more projects. NOPE!  You know me, I’m the worlds greatest procrastinator. And this year I said that I will NOT be working on garb the night before faire.  So what is my current workload you ask?  Let’s see:

  • Finish my husbands black and silver doublet-I still need to add clasps and hooks to close it. I also need to add the shoulder flanges, and the peplum tabs at the bottom.
  • Start and finish my husbands purple/blue doublet-As of right now, I only have 1 side of the back piece cut out in the main fabric. I had my best friend come over to help me, and her job was to cut out the pieces, she only managed to do 1.
  • Start and finish 2 new shirts for my husband-1 black and 1 blue
  • Finish my two bodices-The pieces are cut out and bound with bias tape.  I just need to place the boning, add the grommets, and straps
  • Finish my gown-I started making a semi-noble class gown. I have only gotten so far as to cutting out the under layer of the bodice.  I still need to cut the main fabric, add boning, and grommets, pleat the skirt, add skirt to bodice, add trim, and yeah….
  • Start and finish two new skirts-simple enough as it is.  I need two new skirts to wear with my two new bodices.  I need a black skirt, and a dark red skirt.  I’m thinking I can make due with just 1 skirt!
  • Start and finish a pair of wrap pants-I made a pair of wrap pants for myself out of black gauze-so that is what I am wearing to the ren fair when I feel like being a pirate.  My husband wants a pair of wrap pants also.
  • Make accessories-bags, cuffs, etc.  Never can have too many accessories. My husband somehow broke one of my leather skirt hikes, so those are out for the season. Maybe I can find a pair on Etsy.

So yes, my workload is quite full, but I will try my hardest to get it done. Especially to get it done before the eve of opening day.

And since NO LOCAL STORE carries the black grommets that i’m used to using, i’m forced to be resourceful and go to Home Depot and get them.  I am going to pick these up:

They are the General Tools 3/8 grommet kit with refills. Only costs $7.46 and for 24 piece refills, it is $2.96.  Doesn’t sound too bad to me!  The gold color will work well with my green or gold gown (I haven’t decided on the color yet !), but I may need to spray paint them to work with my black and white, and then my black and red brocade bodice.

I hope to start working on stuff come this week. I am even going to get my husband in on this. Why do I have to do all the sewing and cutting, especially when I am making stuff for him! So yeah, he will become an assistant, and cut out his own items!!!
For now, I must go, bbq’s await!

D is for Doublet

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And that is what I made today!  Ever since leaving theSteampunk Fair, I’ve been inspired and antsy to create something new.  Albeit, it won’t be for steampunk, but none the less, the renaissance fair is right around the corner. So why not start now?

I spent about 4 hours working on this doublet for my husband.  It was made from Simplicity pattern 4059.  With a few minor adjustments. I think it has come out pretty well. It’s not completely done though, still need to add the peplum tabs to the bottom (if my husband decides he wants them) and the shoulder flanges. But for four hours of work with minor facebook and snack breaks, I think it came out pretty well.  All he has to do is find some clasps to close the thing.

I’m not going to bore you anymore with my rambling. So here are the pictures!

Now,if you are looking at the fabric, and wondering why it looks so familiar, it is because it is familiar! It is the same fabric (except in a different color) I used to make my underbust corset that was worn to the steampunk fair. And might I add, I looked FABULOUS!

I plan on sitting down one day, and sorting my blog out, categories, subjects etc. But today is not that day! The weather is nice, the sun is out, and it’s time for me to go out and play!

Happy Sewing!

Steampunk World’s Fair 2010

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This weekend was the first ever Steampunk World’s Fair, and to say it was amazing would be an understatement.  It was probably one of the best weekends that I ever had.  It was full of shows, music, awesome clothing, and great people.  I met lots of new friends, and met up with some from the renaissance fair that I have not seen in a while.  Here are a few photos of myself in the outfits that I made, afterall-this is a dress diary :).

The ivory satin top hat, I made. I also made the vest, skirt and the jabot, but obviously you cannot see them in the picture

This is my underbust corset that I made.  It is white and black jacquard design, with plastic boning.  The skirt is a red pin-tucked taffeta, it also has a red taffeta bustle.

Me and Voltaire! If you haven’t heard of him, look his music up.  But this is my underbust corset, lace shirt, and brown moleskin (I believe) riding pants

Underbust corset (the same as above), brown cotton skirt, and lace overskirt. The skirt hikes I brought from a vendor at the fair 😉

So folks that is it for now.  My next projects are ren fair related.  Working on two new doublets for my husband.  A new gown, pirate bodice, and maybe two skirts for myself. Oh! A new cavalier shirt for my husband, and a couple of minor other things.

I will sincerely try my best to keep the blog updated and detailed as my projects come along.

Happy sewing!


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While my mother was recovering at home from surgery in the hospital last week, I went over almost every day to see her, and dragged my sewing machine along. I managed to get the gown itself done, with exceptions to the sleeves and the forepart. But I am feeling quite accomplished now. I thought I was going to have an issue with the lace I was applying to the split of the overskirt, but some quick thinking of my older sister and utilizing the eager seam ripping talents of my little sister and her best friend solved that. So I will have pictures of that later tonight, as right now my sewing machine and gown are in the car, and I am not dressed to go outside.

I reviewed the pattern for my husbands garb last night, and once again I hate patterns. But I know that I will eventually have to start using them. Here is the pattern that I am using:

Men's Doublet

Men's Doublet

it’s not so much cutting out the pattern pieces, it’s more so of the instructions. and for some reason, the instructions for the pants, seem incredibly elaborate just for the crotch area! so we shall see how that turns out. If you notice in my past entry of Some of my past garb you will see that through the years of attending ren fair, and how I always have something different on, he does not. And I somewhat feel bad! Because I always make new stuff for me (thats more due to I get better at sewing each year so I like to see my handiwork) and nothing for him. So he WILL have new garb this year!

But for now it is still early. I am up because I had a couple of calls to make, but I am going to hit my wonderful bed now, nap, then awake again. Megan is coming over to sew tonight, and I promise to take pictures of our progress on our projects!

Happy Sewing!

Time to Bone! (Not that way!!! Lol)

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So, I have finished sewing the channels into my corset to wear under my gown. I feel accomplished! That was a lot of freaking sewing. 34 channels all around it! Today my plan is to put the boning in, and finish it off.

I have not been feeling well lately. I just started a new medication to regulate my insulin, and unfortunately the side effect is: crazy stomach from the bowels of hell!!! I have been constantly dizzy and nauseous.

But in other news, if I eventually have enough money, then I am going to buy from here: They have amazing stuff!!! Her (Michelle-the owner) work is amazing, and I one day soon hope to make elaborate bodices/corsets as beautiful as hers

So here is my favorite piece: pirate08tpirate02t

All of her stuff is amazing, and high quality. You can check out her picture gallery to see how her items enhance the curves and makes anyone look goooood.

Well that is it for now, I am going to work on my corset, then possibly the hemming of my dress. Tomorrow my best friend Megan is coming over for another sewing date 🙂

Happy Sewing

Too much bum?

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For my bum roll? I have not tried on the gown in progress yet, but I do think that my bum roll is quite large in the bum department! lol. We shall see. My friend Megan is coming over tonight for a sewing date, and so is Allybutts (Alley) and Kayla.