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More Booties

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If you have been following my blog, you know how I hate hand stitching.  It’s not really hate, but I just don’t do it, nor do I like it. I am too impatient to handstitch. Well yesterday I promised myself to take a day off of sewing and just relax around the house, and that went well until midnight, when I became bored.  My husband was home from work playing on the computer, the tv was on and I needed something to do.  So I decided to make a new pair of booties to match Charlotte’s green velvet dress for faire (even though she is still nice and warm in my tummy).  Here is the dress in case you missed it…

The booties were so simple to make and guess what?  I hand stitched them!  I don’t remember how long it took. From cutting to finish, I think it was about 5-6 music videos plus commercials. So in the span of an hour.  I am so very pleased with these.  At this rate, she will have booties to match every single outfit that she has.

Here is the super easy pattern/tutorial that I used for them :

For mine, I did not line them, so it does not have the contrasting fabric around the top.  And I am going to wait until she is born to see if the shoe is too loose. If it is, I will sew a little tie on ribbon instead of elastic for her.  Now since the pattern file is a .pdf you can scale the image to print. I believe when it comes up (at least for my printer) it was at 130%, I scaled it back to 75% based on newborn foot sizes, hopefully it works for her!  So without further ado…here are her booties!


Now with all this done, I can now give the run down of the completed projects.

My husband
1)Double is nearly done.  I need to place and set the grommets, and add the clasps to the front.  It is up to him if he wants decorative trim, but he is not a real decorative guy, so it all depends.
2) I made him pants out of a light green linen a few days ago. Originally they were practice pants. But the light green actually works pretty well with the hunter green, so he will be wearing those to faire.
3)I was going to make him a new shirt in black.  But I like the white and green contrast, so i think I am going to stick with that.

The Baby Charlotte
1) Her dress and chemise are completely done.
2)Her booties are done
3)I need to make her some kind of head gear.  Either a little muffin cap or bonnet.  Either way, both are super adorable.

1)The only COMPLETE thing I have done is my hat and fabric snood!
2)I am going to eventually purchase white cotton (even if it is a bed sheet-yay for resourcefulness!) to make my partlet blouse plus neck and wrist ruffs
3)I intend to wait until AFTER the birth to start working on my gown.  It is going to be a simple gown, not full noble, but more of upper class merchant. Bodice and skirt.  Still undecided if I want the skirt to be open in the front to show contrasting gold fabric or keep it completely closed. Surprisingly keeping it completely closed is much simpler.  For the trim around the neckline of the bodice I intend to find and buy flat pearl buttons surrounded by rhinestones and sew those along the neckline.  I will be keeping it very, VERY simple.

So wish my luck, and HAPPY SEWING!!!


My Hat!

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Not too much to say in this post. I made a hat, and I love it! Here it is. I also made a gold fabric snood to go with it!



Steampunk World’s Fair 2010

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This weekend was the first ever Steampunk World’s Fair, and to say it was amazing would be an understatement.  It was probably one of the best weekends that I ever had.  It was full of shows, music, awesome clothing, and great people.  I met lots of new friends, and met up with some from the renaissance fair that I have not seen in a while.  Here are a few photos of myself in the outfits that I made, afterall-this is a dress diary :).

The ivory satin top hat, I made. I also made the vest, skirt and the jabot, but obviously you cannot see them in the picture

This is my underbust corset that I made.  It is white and black jacquard design, with plastic boning.  The skirt is a red pin-tucked taffeta, it also has a red taffeta bustle.

Me and Voltaire! If you haven’t heard of him, look his music up.  But this is my underbust corset, lace shirt, and brown moleskin (I believe) riding pants

Underbust corset (the same as above), brown cotton skirt, and lace overskirt. The skirt hikes I brought from a vendor at the fair 😉

So folks that is it for now.  My next projects are ren fair related.  Working on two new doublets for my husband.  A new gown, pirate bodice, and maybe two skirts for myself. Oh! A new cavalier shirt for my husband, and a couple of minor other things.

I will sincerely try my best to keep the blog updated and detailed as my projects come along.

Happy sewing!

NOOOOOOOOO, this is why you order early…

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Got my fabric swatches in! So the fabrics feel right, the only issue, the silver fabric that I wanted, is apparently out of stock :(. So my whole silver and black scheme is shot, and now I am thinking of something else. I am really trying to aim for the $3.99 fabrics because I honestly don’t have a lot of money for this. But here are the selections:

I’m thinking that this is the next candidate: burgandy

It will still look good mixed with black

And then I was thinking this:

But I’m not too sure. Not really feeling the green. So most likely I am going to go with the red. But I have to wait till Friday-to order since thats when my hubby gets paid and he will be buying the fabric for me.

Well on that note, I must go. Got some organizing and sewing to do.